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ff cover femalefocusonline april24Focus On Costa Blanca North Ed's Comments

Twice a week during March I enjoyed watching as our road was used for the rehearsal for the Easter parades, when the 'tronos' with Jesus or Mary are carried through the streets. This took place from about 10pm and involved a 'Hermandad' group learning the moves they have to make whilst under, and carrying the trono. To practise they used a large table covered in a larger cloth which nearly came down to the ground. From our terrace I could just see lots of legs under the table shuffling along. Anyone unfamiliar with these parades must have wondered what on earth they were doing.

One thing that struck me was the number of cars which came along the street, saw what was happening and reversed the whole length of the street to find an alternative route. This also happened with the dustbin lorry more than once. There was no tooting, no complaining, they just reversed and went about their journey on an alternative route.

Wouldn't it be great if the world could be a bit more like this, and people, instead of complaining at every obstacle or inconvenience, looked for a solution.

Until next time, take care and be kind. Lesley.


qf coverfemalefocusonline april24QFocus On Costa Blanca South Ed's Comments

During March we a had a few moments of reflection and melancholy thoughts as we remembered our 10 year wedding anniversary as well as 10 years since the passing of my father. Although I struggle to remember things from a day/week/month ago, I remember March 2014 like it was yesterday and I find it quite unbelievable that so much time has actually passed.

April sees me celebrating 20 years in employment with Female Focus Publications, not a fact that many employees here in Spain can boast about!! My job has become my life and over the years has turned many clients and acquaintances into much more than that... some, very close friends.

As with most companies in Spain, it hasn't always been easy – we all had COVID, Brexit and cost of living up and downs to endure but I am proud to say that we are still here and not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. I would like to thank Mark & Lesley, proprietors of Female Focus SL, for the opportunity they have given me and for putting up with my stresses and woes over the years.

Until next time... Michelle.