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delfin defib femalefocusonline may23Helen & Lee Tarrant are the owners of the Pub Delfin in Calpe. They are originally from Essex in the UK and in that area had defibrillators in every town funded by Katie's heart appeal supported by the Brompton hospital. As a previous nurse in the UK, Helen was passionate about having this important equipment in their Bar/Restaurant.

Along with the community, the Pub Delfín committed team fund raised and last July, Sarah, a valued member of the team, decided she would have her very, very long hair all shaved off. This big day helped to raise the huge amount of money required to make the purchase. Although they wanted this equipment on the outside wall of the bar, locked up and connected to 112 and insured, this hasn't been possible due to bureaucracy, so they now have had this life saving equipment installed inside. The research was carried out to ensure the defibrillator was installed professionally, insured and training given to 3 staff.
Congratulations to all involved and although it is a great reassurance to have the defibrillator in the bar, they all hope it never has to be put to use.