How Is Jalon Valley Help Funded

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jalon valley help femalefocusonline may23 1Part 2 of 3. Article written by Peter Sockett

Last month I described what Jalon Valley Help does to help people in need in the ‘Valley’, actually the Jalon & Orba valleys. This month I am addressing how this charitable organisation is funded, in order to provide this help to anyone in need in our community, irrespective of age or nationality.
As detailed last month JVH is a support organisation providing a wide range of locally based support, mainly with a medical bias. All of the tasks described last month require funding and personnel in order that they may be successfully administered.
In order to raise money Jalon Valley Help is very pro-active in addressing their main funding streams through:
jalon valley help femalefocusonline may23 2- JVH shops in the three towns of Jalon/ Alcalali/ Orba where items (from clothes/ shoes/ bedding/ furniture/ brica-brac) which have been donated are resold, as well as cards and calendars/books etc.
- JVH organise fundraising events (from quizzes/ coffee mornings/ dinner events with entertainment/ the very popular bring-your-own picnics with musical support of major local singing groups).
In addition they have the following donation streams:
- ‘Friends of JVH’ for anyone who can make a regular donation, from as little as 5€ per month.
- Collection tins, for everyone to gather their loose change throughout the weeks or after each shopping trip (just the cost of one coffee a week can amount to more than 100€ by the end of the year).
- Cash donations are always welcome, either from individuals, businesses or organisations and provide a very important contribution to the funding of the JVH help activities.
As you will appreciate these funding streams all require the services of committed volunteers to ensure their success and need to be sufficient to fund all of the charity’s services. Could you be a part of this friendly locally based charity? We all have something to give, so let’s not put off volunteering until a friend/ family member needs JVH’s help. Let’s volunteer our services today.
See our website for details of the amazing things JVH do within our communities and call Pam Brooks, JVH President, on 634 310 415 to discuss how you can help with time or donations.