SIBLINGS Kit’s Story

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book review siblings femalefocusonline march24Kit said she was fine. She lied.
She said she didn’t care. She cared deeply.

Hello, I’m Hilary
In 2001 I met the biological mother I’d never known. I’ve needed to write about my feelings and experiences ever since but haven’t felt strong enough to do so ... until now, twenty-odd years later.
In 2010 I travelled to New York on a luxury cruise ship. It was a mind-blowing experience - my dinner table housed an ex-debutant who owned a chain of fashion shops throughout America, the President of the Walt Disney Resort, Florida (who once escorted Princess Diana and the boys around) plus other unusual and fascinating people. Why I was put on that table I’ll never know but as an author it was God-given.
My head is now in a place where I feel able to write about feelings associated with adoption and I’ve done so in the setting of a luxurious cruise ship. The book is fiction (drawn from real life) and starts at the beginning of the journey ... the biological mother. It is the first in a trilogy which will explore the feelings and relationships of everyone involved in the complicated and emotional world of missing people and adoption.
SIBILINGS KIT’S STORY is one of control, deception, infertility and guilt, but most of all it’s one of a young woman who longs to be loved. The moment she discovers her dark past everything falls into place, and as the sobering close-up of a richly intriguing family unfolds she realises that she will need to face up to the lies that have been woven around her and put them in the past.
Kit’s journey on the luxurious cruise ship is going to be one of the most challenging of all, but whether it has a happy ending depends upon how brave she can be and whether she can shake off the shackles of outside control. For Kit there’s everything to play for but time is running out ...
I’ve been writing women’s fiction with grittier twists for many years and I like my readers to enjoy romantic fiction for grown-ups but along the way I promise to pull heart strings and offer smiles. I am an award-winning author and this is my fourth novel.
SIBLINGS Kit’s Story available at bookshops and on Amazon. Details of the others can be found on my website