The Gel Bottle Inc at Mimiskru Javea

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gel bottle femalefocusonline feb23 2Written by Jo Black

The Gel Bottle is a vegan product which goes a long way with myself and other people who wish to protect the global environment. It’s 100 per cent safe unlike some other gel nail chemicals. Ask yourself; why a nail service is cheap and fast? There are many nail salons that offer a conveyor belt service, using cheap toxic products to keep their prices down.

The Gel Bottle Inc are non-toxic 100% gel formulas, they are rich, highly pigmented, chip-resistant and offer extreme long lasting shine. Their products do not contain Formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin or camphor. So think of your health rather than your wealth when choosing a nail service.

Easy soak off is another plus to protect your nail bed, when removing The Gel Bottle products, it’s easy to file and it doesn’t need a primer. So a faster effective service whilst leaving your health and the planet intact.

The Gel Bottle Inc is very hard wearing, more durable and lasts longer. So the cost for such a product gives you the value for money especially at MIMISKRU in Jávea. A Gel Bottle Manicure is 30 euros and if you require that little extra layer of BIAB to strengthen your nails, it’s 33 euros, recommended lasting period 2- 3 weeks.

What is BIAB? Builder in a bottle! Unlike Acrylic, UV gel is a premixed substance used to cover the natural nail plate as a strengthening overlay. This is a very popular service at MIMISKRU encouraging the natural nail to grow without extension. But, naturally we do other tipped nail extensions with the BIAB. Builder in a bottle is a medium viscosity builder gel, comes in a bottle and applied like a polish to a certain extent. It creates short to medium length nails and is fully soak off-able.

Jo Black and Trudi have recently qualified in The Gel Bottle at MIMISKRU and are offering an introductory offer; for the first 10 Gel Bottle nail clients, a Gel Bottle manicure is on offer at 10 euros per set. If the lucky client rebooks within 3 weeks they will receive a further discount on this service.

Book on line any time or call 965 793 584 / 677 104 879. We are near to Specsavers Jávea.