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By Simon Spragg of TechPools

Pools are great, but a constant challenge!The environment perpetually contaminates and infects all pools through: rain, dust, dirt, pollen, insects, fertilisers, sunlight, and photosynthesis. Worse, humans contaminate and infect the swimming pool with: sun cream, cosmetics, sweat, urine, faeces, skin, hair, etc. Need we say more?
This is how we deal with it…
Our philosophy at Techpools comes down to: Circulation – Filtration – Disinfection - Heating.
Perpetual circulation of the constantly injected disinfectant removes contaminants and infections to the filter 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The result being crystal clear algae free hygienic soft comfortable water – all at a low operating cost.
Technical Considerations.
Our flow controlled programable 24/7 circulation pump uses as little as 1.5Kw in winter and approx. 5Kw in summer. These pumps are extremely low noise. We use biologically designed media that is 100 times lighter than glass and much more effective. And finally, our systems disinfect the water up to 24 times a day directly from the plant room with programable injection.
Now add in luxury.
We use inverter heat pump technology which means high COP values. COP refers to the heat pump and it works just like your air conditioning. Once it reaches the set point it ticks over using very little power to maintain temperatures rather than re-heating on demand. This means the heat pump runs for most of the day using very little power matched with inverter circulation flow control which also uses very little power. Both machines are quiet, efficient and low power which means low operating cost. Our State-of-the-art heating technology – combined with inverter circulation and biological filtration media leads to all day residual disinfectant and ultimately secondary ozone and UV treatment.
So all in all, our systems combine luxury – warmth – comfort - attractiveness and biologically safe pools. You might be thinking that's all very well, but how much does it cost? Whilst it's true that there is an initial investment, what you get in return is a reliable system that adds up to not only an economical solution, but the best long-term value in pool systems.
Still not sure? Call Simon at Techpools on 659 999 044, for more information and a no-obligation quotation. See main advert below for more information.