Now is the time to make the move to Artificial Grass.

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charlesworth femalefocusonline feb24 1Now is the time to make the move toward artificial grass, as I currently sit here we have had one of the driest years on record (2023) and we’ve still not even really had any rain, some, but barely enough to even dampen the ground. I don’t like being a pessimist, but at this moment in time things aren’t looking very good.

charlesworth femalefocusonline feb24 3The simple facts are our reservoirs are drying up and I can guarantee one thing for sure. If this continues then the water boards will impose watering restrictions on your garden. FYI, it’s really difficult to keep grass in Spain without irrigation and we’ve not even had an annual top up of rainfall to help.
I have just had a client request some artificial grass for his garden, but he is still mulling over the prospect of continuing with his natural lawn. I have given him a whole host of reasons not to persevere as for starters he requires an update / extension to his current irrigation which will cost money. Even if his gardener knows what he is doing and top dresses the grass correctly that will be another good chunk of money, then this top dressing will need to be done annually for the next 3 years as there is no guarantee of good ground underneath what is already there. Then there is the monthly watering and maintenance bill from the gardener. I can pretty much say if all work is done correctly, in nearly the year he will have spent the majority of the cost of replacing this area with artificial grass. To me this is crazy and that’s before the possibility of the water board telling you you can’t use water for your lawn, and if seen you may be fined. For me life is about sensible choices and if you can afford to pay now it will save you money and not even really long term, within a year or so, and for me the lack of hassle, the lack of requiring another person to have access to my house and garden, the fact that within a week I could have a perfect green lawn which could possibly outlive me, just seems a pretty sensible option.
So, don’t get caught in a trap of being told it can be made good, or being in a situation of having to let your lawn go due to not being able to water it. Have one less thing to worry about in your life, go green with Artificial Grass Spain.

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