Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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clinica britannia femalefocusonline feb24 2Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a treatment suitable for both men and women to help restore the hormonal balance by mimicking those that the human body produces naturally such as progesterone, estradiol or testosterone.

Many individuals who undergo BHRT report improvements in energy levels, mental clarity, mood stability, and overall vitality, significantly enhancing their ability to enjoy life as they age.
What can BHRT help with?
Energy levels: Help address fatigue and boost energy levels by restoring hormonal balance.
Memory: Positively impact memory and cognitive function.
Sleep: Alleviate symptoms related to abnormal sleep patterns and disturbances such as night sweats.
Bones: BHRT helps maintain bone health by addressing hormonal deficiencies associated with osteoporosis.
Skin: Hormonal changes or deficiencies can impact skin health. BHRT, contributes to healthier skin by restoring normal hormonal balance.
Muscles: Hormones play a major role in muscle health. BHRT potentially supports muscle strength and function.
Mood: Balanced hormones positively influence mood and emotional well-being.
Sex Life: Sexual symptoms related to hormonal imbalances, such as reduced interest in sex. painful intercourse or erectile dysfunction can be rectified.
If you are suffering with any of the above symptoms, then contact us at Clinica Britannia to assess whether this treatment is a suitable option for you.

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