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yorkshire linen femalefocusonline feb24Electric Blankets
An electric blanket is cheaper than a heater because using an electric blanket to warm the bed would mean you wouldn’t need to heat the entire room while you sleep. Try and set it at a reasonable temperature to keep the costs down even further and stop you roasting during the night. Alternatively, you could also just turn it off once you’ve put your head down.

The Power of Curtains
All curtains are really useful for all sorts of reasons. Apart from adding atmosphere to a room, there are weather reasons. For example, if it’s windy outside heat loss from the home will increase. If it’s raining, that loss goes up. But if it’s windy and raining, expect a massive heat loss.
yorkshire linen femalefocusonline feb24 1Most types of curtains do help. However, black out curtains all year round have proven to be excellent on energy saving (and keeping your house cool during the warm months). Open curtains on bright, sunny days to let the sun’s natural heat filter through your windows and close them on overcast days and always at night. (In-house seamstress service available).
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Rugs and More
Come and see our Winter Collection in either our Jávea or Altea shops. We have everything you need from indoors to outdoors to make big or small changes to your home or rental and our multi-lingual staff are always available to help you in any way they can.
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