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perfect pools femalefocusonline april24 after 1Is your pool looking tired and worn?

Do you lose more water than you think you should?

Would you like a completely new look to your pool?

Whether you want to refresh the look of your pool with regrouting, change the whole look with new tiles, or check any potential problems with the pipework or leaks, Perfect Pool Solutions can address all of these issues in a professional and efficient manner.

We only use the best quality materials to ensure you get a long lasting result, giving you the peace of mind for years to come. And with every retile, a waterproof sealant product is applied prior to the tiling to deal with any possible hidden cracks.

Although summer is fast approaching and most people will be wanting to make use of their pools in the not too distance future, sometimes issues can arise that may leave you with little choice as to when you address them. Others may choose a quick fix now and then plan the full job in the autumn / winter. Whatever your situation, Perfect Pool Solutions will always endeavour to offer you their expert opinion and advice, with as little inconvenience and upheaval to you as possible, especially during these pool party months.

For all enquiries and quotations call Aidan on 662 377 545 or visit FB page Perfect Pool Solutions for examples of work we have carried out.