Are you prepared to protect your family?

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jennifer cunningham logoWe can assist you with our Bespoke Life and Mortgage Protection policies to protect those that are most important to you, should the worse happen.
The first question would be – have you taken out Life Insurance? You may have a Mortgage Protection policy, which means on your death the mortgage will be paid. But of course, this is does not provide your family with some financial security when they really need it.
Mortgage Protection is a good policy to have as it will pay off any mortgage you have on your house, keeping your family secure in their home. This is death only cover, however there are some additional options you can add on if you require them.
For example for Mortgage Payment protection, for €100,000 of cover for a 50 year old can be as little as €305 per year.
Whereas Life Insurance provides a payment to your family.
You can tailor the Life policy to your own requirements and create a Bespoke Life Insurance – whether to cover the initial costs incurred on your death or give your family a lump sum to provide for their future.
For example Life cover of €50,000 for a 50 year old, can be as little as €155 a year.
Our Bespoke Life policies can give you the cover most suited to your needs with standard death only cover and additional covers to include:-

- Repatriation
- Permanent Absolute Disability
- Death by Accident
- Death by Traffic Accident
- Permanent Absolute Disability due to an Accident
- Permanent Absolute Disability due to a Traffic Accident
- Serious Illness cover/Serious Female illness cover

You do need to be resident in Spain for these policies and there will be a simple health/medical questionnaire that you will need to complete online. These policies are available with monthly direct debit payments, and our policies will be in English.
Alongside the Life policies, we can provide various Accident Policies to give your protection throughout your life and provide support should you sadly experience a life changing accident.
If you would like a quotation or more information, please contact one of my offices, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website