What makes something Green.

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charlesworth b after 1 femalefocusonline oct23As a species we are questioning what is better for our planet, what is better for nature around us and therefore we are constantly looking for ways to make the things we use as part of our lives a little greener, to help do our bit.

People class cycling as a green thing to do (which I agree with) but some of the manufacturing processes, paints, etc all used within the bike industry are probably not as cuddly and or as Eco friendly as most people would believe. And of course, the main thing is we can oversee some of this badness by a lifetime of goodness, no fumes, no noise etc so we don’t even think about the bad things that may have happened during the manufacturing process (or the failed manufacturing processes of the bikes that didn't make it). But we ignore it due to the fact that from that point forward, they do trace to nil bad things for the environment. It's the same idea behind public transport, it's not clean, it still uses fuel but at least if we are cramming it full of people it reduces the impact per capita.
So why do people think it's anything different for Artificial Grass? It is made from plastic so not a great thing, but it lasts such a long time and, when it is made with nontoxic materials, good quality grass doesn’t disintegrate (otherwise client's wouldn’t like it). So, it isn’t breaking down into the environment. It doesn’t require water and all the energy to make and supply that water (based on our area of Spain), it doesn’t require lawn mowers, or a gardener and his van, or any kind of chemicals or treatments like a natural lawn, or the vast quantities of methane and CO2 caused by the breakdown of natural grass. So how is it not like a bicycle? It may not have been conceived in the best way, but if you buy a good quality grass, then over its lifetime it will be far less harmful to the environment than natural grass. It may be hard for us to say how long our artificial grass will last, but our grass is guaranteed for 10 years and I have clients who have had it nearly 20 years and it's still going strong. Don't just make the assumption that because something has the perception of being bad for the environment that it is. Our grass products look great, last a long time and even at the end of their lives are recyclable.
I'm not sure what there is left to say. Artificial grass, the bicycle of the landscaping world.
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