The Benefits of CBBA’s 1-Stop Shop Philosophy

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cbba femalefocusonline april24 2The Costa Blanca Business Association is a group of local businesses ranging from tradespeople to legal, from marketing services to property services. They meet every 2 weeks where they exchange referrals for business.

Recently, Jeff Morrow of Coast and Country Painters was asked to quote to repaint a pool coronation and surrounding ballustrade. No problem, Jeff gets asked this all the time. He has the knowledge of the special paint required, how to properly prepare the coronation, and the team and expertise to do the job properly.
cbba femalefocusonline april24 1Whilst with the client, he was asked if he knew anyone who could solve a problem with the pipework. His neighbour’s pipework had recently failed and he wanted to be sure he was OK.
Jeff called Simon Spragg of PTS Pools and asked him to pop around and take a look. Sure enough, the pipework was on the verge of failing, which would have left the customer with a very nasty problem, and a huge water bill! At the same time, Simon was able to advise on the correct management of the pool thus further improving the experience.
Teamwork from the CBBA
Jeff and Simon, both CBBA members then worked together as a team to organise the crown refurbishment, pool structural refurbishment, ballastrade painting, plant room control room refurbishment, water delivery and water balancing for a swimming pool new start up.
It’s clear that using a CBBA member has huge benefits. Each member has immediate access to a huge range of experts and specialists who can work hand in hand to solve the big-picture problem, not just their part of it. The CBBA’s 1-Stop Shop solution also means less people to deal with, and peace of mind knowing that there can be no blame-game shenanigans should something need fixing.
The CBBA is the Costa Blanca’s Leading business network and should be your first port of call for a whole range of services. Visit for an up-to-date list of all our members.