Routine eye test leads to diagnosis of a macular hole

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specsavers south femalefocusonline may24Orihuela Costa resident Pearl Whatford went into Specsavers Ópticas in La Zenia to change her glasses for more modern ones, but got more than she’d bargained for.

During the routine eye test to determine her prescription, she was shocked to discover that when she closed her left eye, she had very little vision in the right eye. Despite not noticing any deterioration of her vision, or any other symptoms, 80-year-old Mrs Whatford was later diagnosed with a macular hole, a small gap in the centre of the retina in the area responsible for central and fine-detail vision1. Following surgery to repair the hole, her vision is now good and improving every day.
Optometrist Jade Rose was performing the eye test when this issue was revealed. “The patient came into the store, with no concerns about her vision. However, during the testing process, I asked her to close her left eye and she realized that her sight was quite poor in her right eye.”
“I was shocked”, stated Mrs Whatford, “I could not see the letters or anything at all on the test through the right eye, even though I hadn’t noticed any change in my vision.”
Further tests were performed which clearly demonstrated the macular problems, so Jade urgently referred Mrs Whatford to a specialist. She was seen the same day and received the diagnosis of a macular hole and was treated through surgery to repair the hole and replace the lens due to early stages of cataracts. Her vision is now good and the team are not expecting any further deterioration to her sight.
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