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ambulances gardner femalefocusonline may24 2Long distance repatriation services for individuals is a complex matter. Needing to ‘get back home’ when you have a severe medical condition or in an emergency can certainly be a worrying experience. Should the doctors state that flying is out of the question, then repatriation by road is the only method.

Fast and reliable repatriation, where the care given to the patient throughout the journey needs to be bespoke and tailored to ensure that all of their medical needs are met, yet whilst aiming to get them home as quickly as possible, is quite a tall order, so as well as providing rapid medical emergency response care, Asociacion Amigos de Europeos also have the equipment, skills and training to organise the medical transportation of patients by road to their chosen country.
In the past we have written about the Asociacion undertaking repatriations to Switzerland, to the UK and to Holland.
Recently AAEDJ have undertaken the repatriation of a German national who lives in the local area, who was extremely ill and incapable of travelling by air.
The over 2000 km journey to Berlin took 2 full days, with a driver and nurse on board. Apart from comfort and fuel stops, the Ambulance was steadily on the move the whole time, and the patient was safely delivered to the Hospital in Berlin. The following day the Ambulance and its crew began the return journey home.
The Ambulances of the Asociacion are for all intents and purposes mobile intensive care units, capable of saving someone’s life and also sustaining it. Membership of the Asociacion costs just 60€ a year for the whole family. Their service covers almost all of Marina Alta, including Inland, and gives the continual reassurance that in the event of a medical emergency, one of their fleet of Ambulances with the very latest life-saving equipment on board will be speeding its way to you, whether you are at home or out and about. The repatriation service is one of the many additional services available from Asociacion Amigos de Europeos.
● ASOCIACION AMIGOS EUROPEOS DE JAVEA. Avd Juan Carlos 1, No 69, Jávea. Tel 965 796 099 (24hr)
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