Direct Cremation Plan Option

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jennifer cunningham logoJennifer Cunningham Insurances are pleased to be able to now provide a Direct Cremation Plan, which provides everything you need at a lower cost. Our clients have been requesting this alternative for some time as a combination of both cost of living rises and social changes, which has resulted in our requirements for funerals to alter.

The Direct Cremation plan includes everything necessary for an unattended cremation and provides all the paperwork required.
Especially for the Expats and their families, funerals can be a very stressful and complicated experience. When you purchase a funeral plan, you are making the whole process far easier and less stressful for your loved ones.
Prices are fixed, with either full payment or with a deposit and a payment schedule of up to 60 months, which is interest free. There is no medical required, no health restrictions and no limit on age.
In Spain, the funeral usually happens very quickly after death, which can be frightening and daunting for your family members to deal with. I cannot understand why you would not organise this, to help your loved ones at this very difficult time.
One phone call and the plan goes into operation. There is a choice of four plans, and all the documentation required is included.
If you decide that a funeral plan is not for you, you must make sure that your wishes are known, money is available immediately and that at least one of your loved ones has an NIE number. In line with Spanish law, direct cremation usually takes place 24-72 hours after death and prolonging this will incur extra mortuary expenses.
Death is always traumatic and exhausting – why make it even harder for those left behind.
If you would like more information or a quotation, please contact one of my offices, email
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