Make YOUR Home YOUR Fortress

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alpha1 pic1 femalefocusonline june24Welcome to ALPHA1 Security Consulting – Tailor Made Solutions
Make YOUR Home YOUR Fortress.

We will make sure that your property is secure, and your family feels safe. We specialise in all types of
• Perimeter Security, Reinforcements, Locks and Surveillance
• Perimeter Alarms and Indoor Alarm Systems
• “Panic Rooms” and Anti-Squatter Security
Personal, sentimental items, whether they are valuable or not, are irreplaceable if stolen. And burglaries can leave emotional scars. Sadly, a high percentage of people who are robbed never feel totally secure again in their home.

STOP Squatters Squatting.
The phenomenon of illegal squatting in Spain has become much more prevalent in recent years, The average length of the process to recover a home is 20.5 months.
Squatting leads to considerable problems and costs for the owners.

ALPHA1 Security Consulting has Solutions available for Deterrence, Remote Monitoring, and Emergency Response.
Show a RED LIGHT to Car Thefts.
Car thefts and robberies from vehicles are also considerably on the rise. Even vehicles with high specification Alarm System and Immobiliser Systems can be taken within 60 to 180 seconds, thanks to professional and specialised car thieves.
There is a growing number of thefts from vehicles at Supermarkets or Shopping Centres in the region as well.
ALPHA1 Security Consulting offers our "P.A.R.T. - Car" (Protect from - Attacks - Robberies - Theft) concept, giving a 97 to 99% success rate against car theft or car break in attempts.

Learn how to DEFEND and PROTECT your family in the event of an intrusion.
We are the only company offering HOME DEFENCE courses on your own premises. We advise on what level of defence is permitted and legal in Spain, and on what defence equipment is available.
We will equip you to defend and protect your family from unwanted and threatening intruders, with the proper equipment licenses and training.

Self Defence Courses for Women & Men, and Martial Arts Training.
As well as learning the right techniques, our main focus is to train you on how to avoid becoming a victim in the first place.
No matter your gender or your age, everyone can learn to defend themselves. It is not about preparing to fight, but about getting out of an attack safely, so that you can flee until you are safe, and get the necessary help.
We will teach you and your family to be ready for the unexpected, with clarity, confidence and peace of mind.
ALPHA1 Security Consulting are the experts.
We will ensure that your family, you, and your valuable assets will be best protected against Intruders, Thieves, Squatters and Personal attacks.

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Or call 653 591 614 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your personal requirements.