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ambulances femalefocusonline june24 4Our Brand New Ambulance has arrived
In line with legislation, and to always improve our service to our patients, once again we have purchased, converted and equipped a state-of-the-art new ambulance.

Sounds simple? Well actually, for a whole variety of reasons, it isn't! The licences and permissions required are complicated, extremely time consuming, and equipping the ambulance has been very expensive.
But doing all of this is very important to keep our fleet of ambulances up to the very best standard for your safety.
We receive no Ayuntamiento or Government funding. Yes you will have seen us partaking in some commercial activities where we charge to supply our ambulance services to the local fiestas, concerts, sporting and public events, but essentially we exist by relying on the annual €60 fee paid by our members, and also upon other donations.
The total estimated cost of a new ambulance is around the €100,000 mark. Roughly two thirds of this is for the vehicle and its conversion. The other third is for the incredible amount of life saving equipment that we need to carry. As a quick example, we need to carry 5 different types of stretchers, neck, head, and joint braces etc to cope with all the different types of neck/spinal/other skeletal injury that someone could sustain.
ambulances femalefocusonline june24 1One type of back stretcher is in two halves and is slid underneath the patient and fixes together. In extreme cases where it is very important that the patient should be completely immobilised, an inflatable stretcher might be used, this inflates around the person, and prevents them from moving at all.
So if you are reading this article and are connected with any Charity, Organisation, or Group who could help us with the purchase of another piece of equipment for our ambulance fleet, please can you bring this article to the attention of your Treasurer or whoever is responsible for your fundraising. The purchase of a piece of equipment could be lifesaving, all year round, and for many years to come.
See our advert on this page for the full list of the benefits of our service. Membership of the ASOCIACION AMIGOS EUROPEOS DE JAVEA is just €60 for a whole year for the whole family living at your home. This is incredible value for this really important service which can mean the difference between life and death. At the moment we have 4.510 members (families) and last year we covered 1,640 Emergencies.
To join, telephone Laure Bolufer the Associations’ Registration Manager on 96 579 6099. Or call into the office and see her, Laure is there from 10am to 1pm every weekday.
The Head Office is located at Avenida Juan Carlos 1, No 69, 03730, Javea. (24 hr emergency telephone number
96 579 6099) Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..