There’s No Need to Move to a Nursing Home!

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aterima femalefocusonline july24 3Interview with Robert: ATERIMA CARE's Local Partner in the Costa Blanca

Robert, can you tell us about the inspiration behind bringing ATERIMA CARE to Costa Blanca?
Of course. My business partner Ania and I relocated to Xàbia over ten years ago and noticed that older residents here often consider moving to assisted living facilities. We believed there had to be a way for them to stay in their beloved homes.

How did you come across ATERIMA CARE?
We knew about ATERIMA CARE’s reputation in Germany for live-in care services. Seeing a similar need here, we decided to bring the same care to the Costa Blanca, helping people stay independent and comfortable in their own homes.

aterima femalefocusonline july24 1Who are the caregivers at ATERIMA CARE?
Our caregivers come from diverse educational backgrounds, all are experienced and passionate about helping others. They receive training at the Academy of Care, the educational department of ATERIMA CARE. Families consistently praise them for their dedication, kindness, and professionalism.

Can you share a story that shows how your caregivers make a difference?
Sure! One of our many remarkable caregivers, Teresa, once found out that the person she was looking after hadn’t celebrated his birthday in over a decade. She organised a surprise birthday party for him, bringing joy back into his life. Teresa is excellent at quickly adapting to routines, handling chores, preparing meals, and providing discreet personal care.

What languages do the caregivers speak?
We offer our services in English and German, with caregivers at various levels of communication skills. During the initial free consultation, we match the caregiver's language skills to the care recipient’s needs and provide recommendations.

What does live-in home care cost?
Costs vary based on services required and the caregiver's language skills. We determine the precise cost through a free consultation. Prices for comprehensive services start at 2,900 EURO per month.

What is the main advantage of live-in home care?
Our care recipients can stay in their own homes, keeping their independence and routines with personalised, one-on-one support. Unlike nursing homes, where they have to adapt to a new and unfamiliar environment, our care allows them to remain in the comfort of their own space. Our care is often comparable in cost to nursing homes, but having a dedicated caregiver like Teresa provides emotional and social benefits, helping them stay connected with friends and family.

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