Increasing eye problems in children observed by optical group

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specsavers femalefocusonline feb18Specsavers has noticed a worrying trend in increasing eye problems, particularly myopia (short-sightedness), in children and are advising parents to limit screen time, make sure that kids get plenty of time outside and that they have regular eye tests from the age of three.

Louise Stone, Store Director from Specsavers Opticas in Jávea and Calpe stated; “We are now seeing more and more children coming into our store with visual problems, as they are watching more TV, and using more digital devices than they have in the past.”

This is a trend which is being reported by other optical experts around the world. According to the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) excessive use of mobile devices can cause problems like myopia and amblyopia in young children. Maria Liu from UC Berkeley’s School of Optometry, has also seen a sharp increase in young children with myopia (short-sightedness). “It’s increasing at an alarming rate worldwide and a well-accepted contributing factor is the early introduction of handheld devices to kids.”

Overuse of computers and handheld electronic devices can cause digital eye strain and expose children to too much harmful blue light, which might increase a child’s risk of macular degeneration later in life.

In 2012, researchers from the universities of Bristol and Cardiff reported that children who spend more time outdoors playing when they are aged between eight and nine are approximately half as likely to become short-sighted by the time they are 15. So limiting screen time and encouraging outdoor play time is a great way to protect children’s eyes and promote good health and levels of activity.

Specsavers Opticas suggest that a child should have their first eye examination at around three years old, as the earlier things are detected, the easier they are to rectify without delaying the child’s development. To book your eye test pop into Specsavers in Jávea or Calpe, or visit