Akira Dog Sanctuary improvement project

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akira femalefocusonline feb23 4The Tree of Hope
The Tree of Hope is the symbol for a fund-raising campaign launched by Akira Dog Sanctuary to raise 50,000€ to extend facilities at its rescue shelter in Benissa.
Early December saw local dog sanctuary Akira hold a reception for local councillors, media, and sponsors to launch a new and exciting fund-raising project to transform land adjacent to its existing kennels in Benissa into a training and rehabilitation zone for dogs in its care.
“These new spaces will offer meaningful and effective rehabilitation and therefore enhance their potential for adoption,” explained Billie-Jo Johnson, Shelter Manager. “Being able to work with our dogs to teach them new life skills and help them overcome trauma will ultimately result in more successful home trials and adoptions, meaning that AKIRA can help support a greater number of dogs on their journey to adoption.”
To achieve its ambitions, Akira needs to raise an initial 50,000€. It is a challenging amount and to help it achieve its target, the charity has launched two new fund-raising initiatives: the Tree of Hope and Akira Angels.

akira femalefocusonline feb23 2The Tree of Hope
The Tree of Hope is a sculpture created and generously donated by local artist Christiane Engelmann. Located in the Akira shop, the Tree of Hope sculpture will have tags on its branches. It symbolises the vulnerability of those needing protection and the strength and confidence of those wanting to help.
The tags, which can be personalised, will be given to supporters who make a donation to the funding campaign. They will be available in the Akira Shop, at the Shelter and at future fund- raising events.

Akira’s Angels
AKIRA already benefits from the generous support it receives through donations and from regular fund-raising events, but these are needed to pay or the day-to-day costs of running The Shelter. AKIRA’S Angels has been created to be a dedicated fund-raising source for the project and has its own website, www.akira-angels.org. Supporters can make regular or one-off donations on the site and a range of products to buy will be available soon.

The history of AKIRA
2011 - Akira founded
2016 - Dog shelter opens
2019 - Zoological Licence awarded
2021 - 10k+ social media followers
2022 - 2100 dogs have been rehomed since Akira founded

Running the shelter
Every month it costs 11,000€ to run the Shelter. All dogs have kennels and daily walks on leads in a safe outdoor environment. Akira’s goal is to transform existing land into a safe; secure environment whilst creating dog training agility areas

The project
Monies from our current fundraising activities support all costs associated with the dog shelter. To fund our project, we need to raise additional money.
Zone 1 – 50,000€. Phase 1 - 1000m2 / prepare area / install 1400 meters of secure fencing. Phase 2 – create terraces.
Zone 2 – 40,000€. Phase 1 – 4500m2 space securely linked to existing areas / additional secure fencing & emergency escape gate.

For more information or to give support please contact Akira on 657 689 567 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit their website: www.akira-animals.com or Facebook AKIRA Animal Sanctuary.